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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Remember Lizzies it's bad to hold negative emotions since they build up.
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if he's anything like me he'll procrastinate for the next six months, playing video games and trying not to think about the inevitable


File: 1614184674979.png (500.2 KB, 800x498, Jeb_Bush.png)

Does anyone here ever feel so stressed out that it feels like their head is going to explode?


>head is going to explode
Hahaha no,
rather make my head explode



God this hits so true. Luckily my sister is a liar and it's actually seven years. I hope I don't screw up.


>don't screw up

yes exactly, try be as low profile as the furniture so when they finally move they'll take you with them


File: 1616287416265.jpg (80.6 KB, 700x1245, alzZqwBr_700w_0.jpg)

Okay I'm done with loud normal faggot neighbours

It's about time I get ripped and smash their fucking skulls.

My whole body hurts from a quick workout.
Although one day it will be capable of making destruction and bringing fear into dumb eyes of brainlets.


>loud normies have the wrath of satan upon them

I wouldn't want to be them right now.


Calm down satan.


File: 1616805278501.jpg (157.3 KB, 1280x720, snake_eats_lizard.jpg)

Another week of things totally not going my way. Can't a liz ever catch a break?


Tell us what happened now, liz.


Just a deal that I was planning to make fell through. It might still happen but I was hoping to get it done with this week. Nothing can ever go smoothly for me, everything needs to be more complicated than it has to be.


I've accepted that it will never get better. All I can do is cope 'til I rope or die of something else. SSRIs have helped me suppress the worst of my depression though.


File: 1617824666312.jpg (49.35 KB, 720x480, why.jpg)

>mall food court closed

Getting a big container of mall chinks is one of the few things in life that gave me pleasure and they took it away from me. Will the covid hysteria ever end?



what is a wall chink? I would have thought it to be some kind of slur against Asians if you hadn't mentioned a container of them.


>what is a wall chink?

the Chinaman food at the mall. think panda express and manchu wok

>thought it to be some kind of slur against Asians

it kind of was


Today I have found relief in knowing that if my life gets any worse I can just end it all. I have ideas of going into the state mountains and throwing myself off it. I fear the dirt would be too soft though. Also I might hit a tree. Pain isn't a good idea.

I don't know if there are buildings I could throw myself off and what better way to die than around nature? That would be my wish. If anyone has any ideas just say.


You gotta stay with us liz. We need you here.


Say Chinese takeout or Americanized Chinese food like a civil liz. Anyways where I live malls have open and full of maskless people for months now.


>Chinese takeout or Americanized Chinese food

Chinaman takeou… no, let me try again. Americanized chink foo… damn. Why can't I cease my anti-Asian hatred? I must of been more influenced by Trump's racist and hateful rhetoric than I realized.


Come on, man. You can die anytime. There's no need to hold onto hate unless you're charging them on the battlefields of WW3.


come on man, it's fun and cool to say racist things. you should give it a try yourself sometime


>Generally the point of no return is after 25, but as of now, I'm 25 with no real career. It's more of a point of no return for my psyche. However, I keep on hearing other people graduate college at this time and start their career, so the pressure is lessened there.
I'm already past that point, but just now starting college. If I still can't find a job anywhere even after having a bachelors degree in accounting, I'll resign myself to the life of a beggar and cherish whatever money comes my way. Hey, at least then I can say I tried.


You would almost be lucky if a war broke out with China now because it would disrupt normal ages for milestones.


File: 1618334614456.jpg (11.85 KB, 320x180, come_on_man.jpg)

>bachelors degree in accounting
>I'll resign myself to the life of a beggar

oh so if you can't be a hot shot accountant you'll just give up? wouldn't want to be a janitor or a garbage man or anything like that, that would be beneath you


Lmao imagine actually unironically being a janny. Yes that is beneath me.


>lizzie wants to work in an office building
>applies to be a janitor there
>hiring manager looks over his resume
>sees that he has an accounting degree
>throws it in the trash
This is actually what will happen


Are you saying accounting is bad?
Why is accounting a bad degree?
Every single business needs accountants so I don't understand how liz can possibly become unemployed after getting his accounting degree.


>saying accounting is bad?

It's a job that involves working in a office and interacting with people all day, how can it not be awful? Trueliz jobs are low paying and out of the public spotlight. Like a ditch digger or a night watchman.

>how liz can possibly become unemployed

"liz isn't coming with us to the bar after work, yeah, let's not renew that weirdo's contract"


>Trueliz jobs are low paying and out of the public spotlight.
Sadly this is true. Can't even make decent money without having to deal with people. Even working in IT, you have to talk with other people constantly. Shit is fucked.


I'm glad somebody around here has some self-respect.
Let's not do the whole truliz thing. Being a Big 5 accountant is like *the* boring white collar salaried position. Nothing wrong with being a bean counter if you're not trying to excite anyone.
Guess what: you are a person too and it is just as singularly unpleasant to deal with you as it is for you to deal with them.


File: 1618507725734.jpeg (279.19 KB, 2000x1333, office.jpeg)

>Let's not do the whole truliz thing.

But how will we know who's the most pure among us?

>Nothing wrong with being a bean counter

It's not the work so much as the office setting. Most offices don't even seem to have closed cubicles these days, they're these open office nightmares. I'd probably be driven to suicide if I had to work in an environment like this.

Not to criticize guys who work in these places too much. We all have to eat shit in life. I'm just saying there could be better jobs out there for someone who doesn't like dealing with people.


I'm done with my second cat.
From time to time pees on my pillows. It happened like once every month.
Didn't scold her or anything.
Thought I was not giving her enough attention or something.

Lately it was more frequent.
Like 5 days in a row. Yesterday two pillows. Today my blanket,bed and pillow.
I was petting her often,played kindly even more because I thought it's my own fault. Vet checked her and everything was fine. Litter box is clean lol

At this point we're thinking about sending her free at countryside and brining food every weekend.


File: 1619124709291.jpg (32.81 KB, 915x458, freak_cat.jpg)

>your cat after being abandoned for a week


My mother was often leaving her there because of being too lazy to catch her. (I don't like countryside so I stay at home)

This cat likes outdoors more so it may be better like this after all. It's fenced


I just kind of dislike cats. Sometimes I'll see a dead one on the side of the road and I'll think to myself "why do people even bother getting these things, they roam around all the time and are so vulnerable to cars".



Cats are extremely good hunters. I suggest putting a shock collar on them and letting them out in the yard with food and water. It's what a neighbor of mine does. The cat is usually outside in the yard so supposedly she (the cat) doesn't hunt any or as much as a free cat would. It would be the best solution for you and would prevent this widespread problem, feral cats over hunting, from happening.


There are outdoor cats and indoor cats. Big difference.


kind of hard to keep cats locked up at home, especially if they're not spayed and neutered


>not having your cats spayed and neutered
This is why people hate cats and their owners.


Any of you guys feel like you've been born in the wrong era? I always have this sense of wanting to run away into the woods or something and try playing Minecraft in real life all by myself. A few centuries ago this would be possible but now, surrounded by urbanism and farms, wheres one to go? Let alone some loser neet surviving from foraging. I just wanna go outside and liz about


Definitely. I should of either been born in the 1920s so I could of experience WW2 first hand hopefully on the Axis side or the 1970s so I could experience the 90s in all its glory while in the prime of my life.


>into the woods
Some Vietnam vets did that.


I would like to get a pet but i have pretty bad social anxiety and getting a pet would probably require interacting with normal faggots.
Can't really even decide what kind of a pet i would actually adopt.
Geckos and cats and longer living rodents like degus or chinchillas seem cool.


Dogs are pretty good buddy pets. Growing up me and my family dog use to hang around and eat meals together all the time. Sadly they're a lot of work to take after and they love to bark at things.


Birds. Falconry.


i don't think birds would like living in my small apartment.
and kinda the same thing as with dogs that i would have to leave my lair daily with a falcon.


>would like living in my small apartment.

Why not? And if you get a parrot you could at least have someone to talk to.


Parents are difficult to rehome if for whatever reason he can't take care of it anymore.


>Parents are difficult to rehome

I agree. There's a serious lack of available beds in the care homes where I live.



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