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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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It's basically a drug you can take via mouth that could potentially reduce your sex drive (at the cost of also reducing infant caring and food sharing).
Unlike other sex-drive killing drugs, this doesnt affect your testosterone production (as current research available shows so far), instead it messes with your oxytocin receptors which probably cuts/reduces the pathway to sex. So far it has only been tested on monkey (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2712625/) not even chimps so it's effects could be different for humans. Beside it possibly making you less likely to share food and care for infants, it's also expensive as hell and only obtainable in laboratories. If any rich smart lizards are reading this, you should experiment on humans with this drug and see the effects, sex drive is shit (although I heard that a sex-drive has been linked to a drive for other things in that case maybe experiment if this drug only kills your sex drive or kills motivation for other things)


>wizchan shit
Fuck off. I may be a virgin but I'm not playing this stupid "hurr durr I'm a truliz because I've never felt any sexual urges" shit like wizchan trannies started. Fuck you.


Why are you so mad!??


That's an interesting drug. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It sounds like it's going to be tested on pedos eventually.

>at the cost of also reducing infant caring and food sharing

Wouldn't this affect women more?


waking off once or twice a day works as well and doesn't involve taking potentially harmful drugs


so it basicaly makes you egoistic and maybe not interested in social behaviour?

Sounds like it's going to make one even more alienated.

imo it may become huge in nootropic community. I don't think it will do good on normal ppl.


I never said I dont have a sex drive, in fact I have a high one and it's pretty annoying.
>>6692 I also dont like wanking because it feels ape-like/primitive.
>>6686 I brought it up because if you have a smaller sibling, also I doubt women would even need this drug since they practically have the sex drive of a dying fish.
>>6693 Ehhh I dont know, it's not like you're going to be caring for infants or share food with others anytime soon, plus you can always fake it like psycopaths do


Nah. Research taoism, sexual transmutation and brahmacarya instead.


I dont believe in your buddhist/eastern stuff. Also without a sex-drive, wouldnt your taoist stuff be easier to do since you wouldnt be tempted? Not everyone is blessed with a low sex drive, I can abstain from it for a month but I still have thoughts of sex, which is annoying

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