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o/ Let's share music we like in this thread.
Just has to be something you like I wont judge,
after all my taste is eccentric itself.
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Don't be naive you can't change ppl no matter how hard you try.
Especially when that person wants to bang.
I understand your will to be good person but in my opinion your doings are/were just waste of time.


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>going out with someone means you're having filthy gay anal sex and sharing each others food under their teeths
Just stop thinking on sex niggers. Camaraderie used to be a thing a while ago.


woah I just wrote that your friend wanted to bang, don't tag me crazy pants


>tfw saw a spic urinating publicly on a tree while going home
>tfw I don't have manners to lash out against them without gettink kicked by the law
sad feel


>browsing the internet with some music playing
>mother interrupts me
>feels ruined
mad feel



A classic


Lolicore is life




baste taste



>Coming up are the latest Bionicles, the Mistika
Goddamn, I remember being super excited for the Mistika.


>Not posting the superior Piraka rap
Also according to https://bionicle.fandom.com/wiki/Piraka
>"Piraka" was the Matoran word for thief and murderer and was considered vulgar to the Matoran
Is Piraka the Matoran equivalent of nigger?


Yeah, the Piraka rap was basically just a guy shouting "Yo, yo! Niggers!" over and over. I unironically like the Piraka rap. I thought it was some of the coolest shit back in 2008. At least compared to everything else around that time. I think that the over-the-top edginess was the best thing about the Bionicle advertising back then. The 2015 advertising was all shit, and there was barely any of it. Should have brought back Cryoshell at the very least.


2006 I mean. Shit.


The Piraka rap has grown on me, to be honest. Sometimes it comes into my head and I can't get rid of it.


This song may be bad but the chorus is incredible


I never seen the rap as a kid but the posters definitely caught my eye. I have always been into System more than the constraction but the Piraka were the only Bionicle that really made me consider getting.

I can't find the posters online but they were something along the lines of '100% x, 0% y' and had the nickname of each piraka.


File: CM5OrkWjl7ZDecqaBRPAHJbfnm1F6y.png (1.05 MB, 1280x960, 1280x96012.png)

You mean this stuff? I had this one set as my laptop wallpaper for a while back in the day. The general consensus seems to be that the gangster theme was bad but I have to say 2006 was one of the best years for Bionicle. Especially the titan sets like Vezon, Brutaka, and Axonn.


Yeah, those posters were cool. I didn't realise that the Piraka were so disliked by fans, but as a non-Bionicle fan they had the best designs. I got one of the Bionicle comics and they were fucking brutal.


The Piraka themselves weren't disliked, the advertising was. I think that people generally liked the sets. Who can comprehend fan communities anyways? I try to stay away from things like that since the retardation of a things fans always taints my enjoyment of the thing itself. I still have the comics from aound that time. I started getting the Lego magazine right around the start of the Ignition series actually. I was lucky since by the time Bionicle ended in 2010, the library had gotten all the comic collections from 2001 to 2010 so I got to read every issue I missed up to that point physically. I read a lot of comics digitally out of convenience but it's nice to read things physically when you can. Can't stand reading actual text books digitally though.


I keep finding a lot of great jap metal tracks that all throw me off with the vocals. Like this one can be cool at points then get a bit grating, and most never release instrumentals. I still listen to them though.


Chill vibing today.


File: r3gbskvLa0HOEQ9qKUIPN7zjWZ2T4w.gif (2.18 MB, 328x272, me.gif)



Fate has led me to this discovery.




Embedding error.
How the fuck can jazz punk vocalist/guitarist can switch to making poplike music.
Mariko Gotou was lighter still had its uniqueness even tho the later albums had songs with a TOO LIGHT sound
(that one is my fav https://youtu.be/9NQJ-sw4mnE )
but then she decided to make music like this https://youtu.be/zxL95vTNSk4
it's shit compared to previous works.

I'm just wondering if she's really into it or just a sell out.
Seen too many alt bands turning into musicians turning to mainstream it's really sad.


On last Midori concert she hit her head with mic so hard that it started to bleed.
From this to glittershit album coming out december.
I dont mind changing genre the problem is that trailer and posted tracks are bad.
Can't stand wasted potential.



Not public goodie


Embedding error.



Can any lizzie tell me what is the name of this song?



DJ LargeLizlard - Sumo Salamander
it's a classic.





tripod is the best aic album imo. heroin must really make someone a better musician


been appreciating bands like NIN and AIC a lot more recently, been sifting through older bands works recently, thank god for russian torrent sites and their FLAC collections.



nice song


GG Allin - Snakeman's Dance


I like most of these songs even though I don't understand them. They kind of sound depressing. I like the album art too. I think I remember this from wizchan. I remember getting a lot of my favorites from wizchan. I just happened to recently find it again after such a long period.

Shinsei Kamattechan (神聖かまってちゃん) - Tanoshiine (楽しいね) FULL ALBUM



sounds good but I hate vocals they're sometimes so annoying lmao.
I like listening to things that I don't understand under one condition, vocal has to be pleasant.
You might like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2HSjTwb9tw / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Zl48aazuis (last live version is insane) , cool band imo.
I mostly listen to japansese shoegaze but if you would like I can list everything here.

Found this today(shoegaze pop+IDM), the begining is meh but when breakcore drums kick in, it's soooo good.
I don't remember when was the last time I had goosebumps.
Here's whole album, no way to find it on normal jewtube
The only decent idol band I listened to.


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