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File: xfi69vLa3j7ZKCytowpTlRzMWJdhmI.jpg (83.69 KB, 400x565, ymX1qlb19.jpg)


I've been waiting for someone to make it so here it is


File: YyLKWJs4mwOuhrzxPtnSHNE0AXUdM9.jpg (84.32 KB, 480x640, 3959463519_a4e0287ef3_z.jpg)

Someone made an order for 30 hotwings and asked for bonus 2 bitch legs.
One guy quickly jumped on some stinky and took her legs off adding them to bucket then I woke up


does talking with 3dpd in dreams make me a normalfag?


I guess U mean fug :-DD
Imo no ,we're all apes deep down and it's not your choice unless you're lucid dreamer.


according to my last dream i was a bald construction worker with a family, albeit we were eaten alive.
I'd hope not.


File: 3CJaZ1ix96Sp5tf8kyTuFWgwncRhH2.jpg (60.43 KB, 768x768, 15191590136921.jpg)

if you didnt immediately wake up after realizing this would never happen irl then yes youre a normalfag


Some hand-shaped creatures runned across the road. My brother made a remark about it and fiddled with his camera. On a vast industrial area I followed the street lights, leading to a red glowing foggy abyss.


It depends, did you have sleep cummies or not?


No, it was weird, it was a cute girl but she said that had cancer, so I ended up telling her reasons to live.
I've always found that dream odd since I was always pondering about suicide some time ago.


Your subconscious was trying to speak to you through a bunch of vague analogies. My dreams do that sometimes as well.


My guess is you're subconsciously realizing that even though you're considering suicide yourself you don't want to see others die, even 3dpd. Or something along those lines.


File: jkzRWPDgCsn91wbhOTaprmKI6oc23t.png (51.78 KB, 1334x750, crossed arms.png)

>My guess is you're subconsciously realizing that even though you're considering suicide yourself you don't want to see others die, even 3dpd.
That also seems like bullshit. Just this night for example I had a dream where I was in highschool back again and I was bullied by the same bastards that bullied me then. They took my backpack when I wasn't there, I told them that they had it, they were in total denial. Even someone else that wasn't a complete jerk to me and was kinda friendly.


Often having dreams about being chased by zombies, those always end with suicide from jumping off the building because of being surrounded.
When I'm having different horrors I try to kill myself as fast as possible, dreams are meant to train you to ovrrcome possible situations, take that you ape simulator


>That also seems like bullshit
Well it's not as if I can psychoanalyze you from one imageboard post, anon.


step aside nooby, phd dream interpreter here.
You noticed she was cute, but remembering the true nature of woman, started taunting here telling her everything good about existence, implying her upcoming death will rob here of potential pleasures.
Truly devilish liz, truly and insurmountably.
I get similar situations, being eaten alive, chased to a room with no escape, becoming aware that i'm asleep and my dream starting to attack me, fun stuff.


holy shit
Had a dream I was in some isekai scenario, anyway I found a dog and had it awhile.
The thing comes in my room gaunt but with a fat stomach, started biteing like it was madly starving.
started looking like a rat, I open a bag of treats and he starts drooling and attacking it, these huge black spiders with olive sized humps crawl out of it's mouth and the dog bites me in a twitch leaving multiple crawling up my arm. What a grossly detailed sight.


I dreamed of a fighting vidya with Toriyama related characters. There were odd symbols on the right border (a gust of wind, smoke going upwards, a strong arm) that apparently if one moved the stick acoording to the symbols it would create a movement. There was also some energetic big beat on the background.
Before that I apparently was descending a mountain that was high in the clouds. The sky was purple, I think I was able to step on the clouds for a bit.


I find it interesting how most of my dreams involve fictional characters that others have created in their entertainment and doesn't involve me as much.
They're the last place I can be happy at least, does someone have tips for astral proyecting/lucid dreaming?


Was hyped for oobe and achieved it once then gave up cuz have seen some spooky shit.
I'd recommend browsing forums there is a lot of info there.
I wouldn't give any tips since I achieved that state only once


File: pv2xwSOJI0C6Pb7QrVWTiG4BtE85Ne.jpg (516.48 KB, 1920x1200, 1447342717679.jpg)

There are the general tips like looking at clocks, pinching yourself regularly etc but I don't know how effective they are.
80% of the dreams I remember are lucid, but I never gain much control over much but myself.
I heard keeping a dream journal is good too, and I did for awhile. don't have to write every detail either.


In a dream, I managed to climb into the hole of a giant vehicle that was full of turkish(?) people in some kind of traditional garb. I can't remember much now. How sad. The vehicle had long hallways with, doors I think? There was Turkish food and friendly faces.


File: BeCNgkZXsDMr0LOayh27izncUYQfSH.png (195.38 KB, 498x332, aea052381dbfc2da12c2eec6b6….png)

>dreaming about turkroaches


dreamin' right now waiting for someone to wake me up


Dreamed about getting into a fight with my dad telling him the reason why dollar goes high is because the government wouldn't stop printing local currency and raising taxes. He then stand on a chair and started removing a clock for some reason. This was in front of a lot of people visiting.


Wait, am I just a character in your dream?


no you're just text on a screen in my dream


Everyday I take bath, yesterday I had no time and was too lazy do it.
Dreamed about everyone telling me eww dude you stink,tried to find a bath but couldn't.


Damn. Please don't pitch yourself, I'm not ready to disappear yet.


Had a spooky fever dream, woke up with my forehead covered with sweat. Can't remember when happened in the dream, all I know is it wasn't good.


dreamed lizchan all got harems and virgin shamed me hard before getting perma'd.


so you mean you don't have your own harem of dolls?


File: oSP2W6LQ8hXeOcg7jamlRwUuYDJ9Md.jpg (25.52 KB, 351x351, 1567852652123434570.jpg)

I think you mean hot glue dolls


mom won't let me buy dolls anymore
after the accident


what accident?
doll cumjar or crossdressing one?


dreamed I was playing fallout, barren wastelands have their own beauty, If you're not dying horribly in them.
gramps stole my lady dolls and moved to reno, she was pissed.


Just "woke up" to a dream where I was in a hotel and I was doing regular things out of the hotel until I got back to the hotel to fond my room was changed. I go into the new door from the outside, as they were new buildings and there are a bunch of staircases going yl and down in a white room fulmbof numbered doors. My door was 15, with my family, so we start lookjng wt these random doors. The stairs aren't normal either. They go down and up and don't connect. There is a platform though where a bunch of people are trying to find their doors. I try interacting with one, but their not responding. People find their doors, but every time i get close, like I see 5^3, it's actually 5^1/3 or something like 6 = 8k^2 or skmething. That was a real thing. I also kept waking and going to sleep, as if I am aaking up ftom the dream. I "wake up" and stmble out of bed. The room turns RED and my bed is colored like pychedlics until this weird and creepy puppet is printed on the bed. Like, there are multiple copies of the same thing. He was taunting me and a coat was over my head. My mouth was dry, and after I got the coat off, I forces myself to wake up for real.

Also varg played my dream in a game and it had a name that I can't remember from the dream. I was gonna look it up from the dream, but I got sidstracked by the horror.

Before that, we were chasing a clone of my sister around a school, I protected a guy I met from a new clonefootball athlete. Clones either become athletes or homeless, I heard.


File: GzP7AxUlHcRJXZNKkhmQwFd1VYOgpM.png (258.83 KB, 680x521, suits.png)

Had my first coronavirus outbreak nightmare today. Its probably because I was reading about the virus right before going to bed.


File: riP6H8Tb1Spyn7wEdaFDW4MvVCYJIf.jpg (50.5 KB, 804x317, 1538805528459.jpg)

>ywn have a dream about mating wiht a virus
Why even mcfucking live?


we all could be dead within a couple of weeks if this virus keeps spreading the way it is


unfortuantely im not a 60yo chinese man with a compromised immune system. Also I eat only the finest bats from my local farmers market, so I have clean healths


don't get my hopes up


File: XbGNJP4c1hQmqSHzIDwi6B0xjkWyaY.jpg (25.99 KB, 512x407, 83c0eb99dda899c6bd12534676….jpg)

1/3 lethality, oh ffs could you stop?
It's getting annoying.
Besides pair of googles and mask would eliminate the risk.
I can't understand how schizos are schizing instead of learning about the problem


>pair of googles and mask
>have to wear fucking googles and mask everywhere and obsessively wash hands in order to not catch killer virus
>never mind the economic collapse
>never mind having to be stuck in a quarantine zone
>never mind the looting and rioting

I hate how you people keep underplaying the potential of this virus. If I hear one more person compare it the common flu I'm going to snap.


I was in a room with plenty of pipes and ovens, that for some reason had all of them turne don. Mudvayne’s dig was playing in the background, I was imagining how it’s guitar hero chart would be while air guitarring. Halfway I notice how all the gas faucets were open when I decide to turn them off. I closed the valve, but now the pipes start going red and back to normal, I fear that one of them explodes and I die, I call my aunt to give me advice and I wake up


Me whenever I want to speak louder in dreams


File: 1606699368284.jpg (24.88 KB, 302x424, uboa-182054.jpg)

I just noticed that for like almost a year I've never seen any face in my dreams.
Like I'm meeting strangers but never look at their faces.


Probably for the best. I hate when I see people I know and want to forget in my dreams.


Had a dream the other night about my parents ripping me off for thousands of dollars. Not sure what the meaning of the dream is but I felt pretty disturbed by it.


>thousands of dollars
Woah your dream world is rather kind to you.
Mine doesn't change my situation for better, always worse or the same.


File: 1607546141977.jpg (16.97 KB, 259x200, 200.jpg)

I wouldn't call it a positive dream. It was one of those dreams where it was just dawning on me that something bad was happening when wham, I was awake, with the unpleasant experience fresh in my head.


You were rich liz, stop complaining! 1!


I had a dream that I was hanging out with a bunch of celebrities, snoop dog in particular. I was about to go to an award show when I woke up. It was strange because it was so off from what my current life is.


Lay off weed Liz, it's messing your head!

Yesterday I had a dream where I was walking in the park with myself from alternate universe.
My other self told me that stretching every morning is the most important thing,if I want to have a great life.


File: 1617152184601.jpg (305.33 KB, 900x542, Doom64.jpg)

My heads a mess even without the weed. I think it's a change in the hours I sleep that's causing these vivid dreams. Also my dreams seem to be heavy influenced by the media I'm consuming. I've recently been playing Doom 64 a lot and last night I had a real scary hell dream.


I had a weird dream about a guy who paid a girl who looked like Uzaki-chan to hang out. They hung out and later the Uzaki girl was with another guy on a trampoline and the guy saw she was acting differently. He might have confronted her but in the end he was like, "screw you, you're not actually that person I like!" He vows never to see her again and makes her sad. So I think she's hanging out with that same guy or another guy, sad maybe, and he gets sad knowing he broke her heart so he invites her to his birthday party or something like that. He gives her a gift of cinnamon bark or something and the moment is of a broken relationship and he never sees her again.

There was also a dock and I think he goes crazy or something. Still, I think the moral of this story is to not get too attached. He got too attached and it ended up hurting both of them in the end. It's really sad to see a friendship go but it's probably for the best because she was just playing that game for the money. It never specifically said it was for money but in the dream I knew it to be true. I want it to not be like that but the more important thing is that she changed her personality for him.


Saw a cat giving birth, not sure what to make of this. I am quite fond of cats -and they are also fond of me it seems, wherever I go I run into a stray sooner or later- but I don't have any pets of my own.


If you start feeding those strays they'll keep coming around you, and sooner or later they'll be like your pet. I don't know if I'd recommend it, we had one once that lived under our porch and it ate our cat's food all the time. I hated that miserable thing, I couldn't even pet it or anything.

Not sure what your birth dream means, could be that your getting your life together and will soon leave this site.


It's not that they are fond of me because I pet them, this might sound a bit weird but, I feel like animals are strangely attuned to me. It's not uncommon for dogs that I have never seen before stretch or bow before me, as if prostrating themselves. It might have to do with their animal instincts, maybe.
As for the dream, I researched a little and seems that it has to do with renewal/rebirth and success in life in general. As a male virgin in his early 20s, I don't see myself leaving this place anytime soon. There are very few good imageboards left and this place is one of them.

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