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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Remember Lizzies it's bad to hold negative emotions since they build up.
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Would you be surprised if I told you that I was three out of those images?


You were only suppose to be in one. How can we ever have a nice lizchan group photo with cheaters like you?


I have many clones


File: 1609209485240.jpg (33.54 KB, 480x480, Joker.jpg)

I've developed a bad habit of talking to myself, probably because of all the time spent alone. Most of the time it's just swearing in frustration. I probably seem crazy to the normies that catch me doing it.


File: 1609256946495.jpg (202.64 KB, 850x1105, 8ef86fa64c6fea9c29e5cb7fed….jpg)

>Damn that clown xD

Imo The most normal people talk to themselves almost always when focused/angry/annoyed.

So many do this, I don't think anybody will look at you differently, except me lmao


>most normal people

I think I do it in excess, to the point where I might come across like a schizophrenic. I sometimes have to stop talking while in public and force myself to speak internally.

>except me lmao

er you motherfucker… bastard dur shithead… faggots…


File: 1609276712940.png (348.46 KB, 500x424, 2d4TWAP.png)

I always do things in last moments.
Did the same with whole studying.
Today I understood that it's time to actually do something.
Checks 3 sites of university where all the info should be stored.
>E M P T Y

Wow great so the whole education system is in the middle ages. If you didn't pay attention on web classes then you know nothing. It's not even recorded or something.
I was so sure that there will be at least some info when to pass exams and stuff that I didn't bother checking. Since it was obvious to me.

IT school so they will for sure make use of the Internet. Well nope. Even my previous shitty schools had online book with all the necessary info.
I have no idea for what I was paying but gotta quit this shit

Hmmm so what do I do now to not work for the lowest wage till I die?

I have no idea, so lost. I don't want to be an adult, my vision is being crushed by retarded reality.
Damn, I'm manbaby after all with no skills nor plans for the future.

>probably because of all the time spent alone.
I don't think it works like that.
I'm no expert but I think you just got used to talking out loud, gotta break the habit.
Easiest solution is ball gag. Harder - therapy idk


File: 1609283029280.png (2.65 KB, 430x373, 221aa9501d9b1f545240738fff….png)

getting really sick of dishonest people, especially the types looking just to backstab for fun or change the narrative to make you believe for a second they did nothing wrong

and IM suppose to be more trusting of people? and whats worse is if i trust one side, the other will get upset and have a go at me. fucking animals all of them


>Hmmm so what do I do now to not work for the lowest wage till I die?

Normies get ahead in the workplace largely by networking and having confidence. Believe me, I've seen them bullshit their way into positions a thousand times. You'd need to have some awesome skills to make up for your lack of these attributes and even then your expected to have some social skills.

You might have to come to terms with the fact that you're not a high valued human. I did.


>You might have to come to terms with the fact that you're not a high valued human.
Oh that explains much to me.
I mixed up being valuable person with valuable human. Thank you for that reality check.
I guess I will just stick to being no one. Forcing myself to fake Chad-like behaviour maybe could make my situation better although I would suffer every second of it.

Anyway how did you bare with that fact? Tried to fight it or just gave up?


>how did you bare with that fact?

I developed low self esteem that bears down on me everyday.

>Tried to fight it or just gave up?

ha I'm probably the worst person to give life advice. I dropped out of a bunch of things. High school, college, the military. If you think you can handle the pressure of dealing with various responsibilities maybe try to advance a little in life, but if you get overwhelmed easily people need to learn to meet you where you're at.


This weekend gonna be great just slept 11 hours so I will have plenty of energy
>wakes up
>urinary tract infection


It could always be worse. At least your tract infection will probably go away after some antibiotics.

A lot of older guys get constipation all the time and have to lug around bowels full of feces that won't come out. Imagine trying to enjoy a nice meal when you haven't taking a shit for three days.


Just eat mung bean sprouts.


File: 1610471193063.jpg (143.67 KB, 900x594, dump.jpg)

I've been eating nothing but bean sprouts for a week and I still can't take a dump!


Try douche maybe


heh I think you mean an enema


File: 1610935839772.jpg (164.02 KB, 1100x684, 1597693671663-pol.jpg)

I have something in my skin in my left leg right next to my crotch. It's red and it burns and it feels as my skin is about to fall off.
My whole body is falling apart


sounds like you may need to see a dermatologist my lizard


File: 1611441609044.jpg (60.1 KB, 512x288, static.jpg)

I've been having such a hard time remembering things lately, every couple of minutes I have a brain fart. I feel like an old man.


Same here but mine is from drug abuse when I was a dumb teenager what's yours from anon?


I have similar problem but it's caused by me going on autopilot.
Rather shitty autopilot.
In that state I'm not focused at all and tend to turn off all the logical thinking resulting in many mistakes.
I may be turning into warmie flesh running purely on instincts lol
My theory says that this happens from too much stimuli.
What drugs and how often?
I've been using dxm once a month at max as teen and I think it had no negative impact on me except my social phobia getting worse for like a week or so


>drug abuse when I was a dumb teenager

Exactly the same with me probably. I developed quite the drug habit when I was a teenager. I'm afraid that by the time I'm in my 40s I'm gonna be a drooling burnout.


It was DXM abuse for me but I did it way more often and didn't really care if it was triple C's or not which also fucked with my memory. Glad it didn't fuck with you as bad as me anon.
Same here that is also my fear.


It's the worst mainstream drug to take frequently especially at young age.
Were you aware of that? Or just didn't bother to study the substance.

I'm sure that if I didn't look things up it would end in taking it more often.

My pseudo suicide attempt included 1275mg of it.
Fortunately for me, it had no negative effects.


>My pseudo suicide attempt included 1275mg of it.

Wow, and was that in purple drank or gel caps? Correct me if I'm wrong but that must of been like 5 bottles of syrup. I hope your internal organs are ok.


File: 1612121626407.jpg (47.38 KB, 654x430, sleep.jpg)

>excited about days off during weekday wage drudgery
>spend all weekend sleeping

every weekend I'm like this. I haven't even finished getting my grocery shopping done yet


2 x 300mg gelcaps + 300 syrup + and some round tablets

Like year after this I had every organ checked and they scored better than average. So it didn't affect me in any way.


That must of been a pretty big handful of gelcaps, you must of swallowed like 30 of them. You would probably need to take way more to overdose. It sounds like you took enough for a long and heavy trip, I hope you enjoyed it.


Some old women gave me shit today for not wearing a mask. I wanted to snap at her but I knew everyone around would all jump to her defence. Why can't people just mind their own fucking business?


File: 1612333035902.jpg (54.79 KB, 640x640, ly1nh21vfw851.jpg)

Oh please not this topic again.


we're all having to deal with this mask shit right now. this is the vent thread you know


File: 1612562151100.jpg (119.68 KB, 720x754, life_gamer.jpg)

>spend all day playing video games
>still suck at them

it feels like I'm wasting my life away


>still suck at them
Are you actually playing to get better or just a matter of habit/addiction?
There is a huge difference between those two even if you don't notice it yourself, speaking from experience.
It's all about thinking through every move and learning from mistakes instead of running on autopilot.

>it feels like I'm wasting my life away

It is a waste if you see it as one.

I noticed that my life will be a waste whatever I do since some personal problems just can not be solved.
So I do not feel bad about wasting time because it was "kinda predefined" from the start.
I'm free to do anything I want


>playing to get better or just a matter of habit/addiction

More of the latter than the former truthfully. I'm trying to use save states less so I can get better at games but I still play badly. I have poor concentration so my mind is always wandering off the game, leading to frequent deaths.

>personal problems just can not be solved

I guess that's true for me too.


You *are* wasting your life away with video games and that is a fact. There is nothing transferable to other parts of your life that you can obtain from video games. People attacked Joe Rogan when he mentioned this because he made a stupid comparison with judo where with judo you can eventually open a dojo or whatever. It's stupid, as sports are just as equally as non-transferable as video games. Unless you devote your entire life to a video game or sport you will not get anywhere with it but even if you do then it comes maintaining your high ranking which you will not be able to do indefinitely.

There are two ways you can succeed in life: become one of the best in something that already exists, or invent something new and become successful simply because you were the first person to invent it. As it turns out former is much harder than the latter and with diminished returns. There is a reason why businesses usually look for NEW business opportunities rather than look at who they can compete with. Of course, you can be mediocre at something that already exists (which is where most of us are), or invent something that nobody gives a shit.

There are also many ways to fail at life as well which is get addicted to drugs, get arrested, fall extremely ill etc. video games are usually not going to destroy your life the way many other things would but it would not bring anything to your life either, that is unless you declare your life *is* about playing video games. Which is dangerous because it's not sustainable. You will eventually starve or fall I'll and video games are not going to help you there. I guess at least nowadays there are ways to make your life worth with video games such as streaming (not getting into the fact watchers are themselves wasting their life) if you truly want to make your life revolve around nothing but video games. It's just that video games are in general a poor thing to devote your life to, not that you should never play vidya, sports or read books etc. just because they are dead ends, because devoting your life to being productive 24/7 is going to devoid your life of any enjoyment and in and of itself is a wasted life.

I talk about this as someone who devoted his twenties to giggling at stupid shit on the internet every day for 16-17h and someone who thought a lot about wasting his life. I have a degree (a Ph.D) at giggling at stupid shit. I don't know how to transfer my skill of giggling on stupid shit. Starting a meme channel sounds like a stupid idea to me even though it's probably the only thing that can make these years spent worth. So for all intents and purposes, my life is wasted for a little bit of gratification occurring intermittently and I imagine video games are the same way.


>There are two ways you can succeed in life

That all sounds very hard. I don't think I can monetize anything I'm good at. I'm just gonna lay down and rot.


Huh I've got banned on my pc for spam but never did anything that broke the rules what.


Maybe your IP accidentally matched somebody else's who was spamming?


File: 1613178232049.jpg (21.35 KB, 640x426, mess.jpg)

My dream is to be retired by 40. If I can't accomplish this I think I'll go insane.


How old are you now, liz?
How much more to go?


early 30s. if I can pay some things off and then work for a few more years I might just be able to pull it off


obligations and wage slavery have gotten me so worn and stressed out these past couple of days, it feels like a steam roller drove over top of me


I apparently have seven months to gtfo of my parent's home. They might be moving or something. I have a sister who I can live with for as little as 300 a month. It's a steal and might secure my life for a little longer. Otherwise, I'm going to have to die or go homeless. I would rather choose the former.


>7 months
That's a lot of time to prepare for this. You got this liz


if he's anything like me he'll procrastinate for the next six months, playing video games and trying not to think about the inevitable


File: 1614184674979.png (500.2 KB, 800x498, Jeb_Bush.png)

Does anyone here ever feel so stressed out that it feels like their head is going to explode?


>head is going to explode
Hahaha no,
rather make my head explode



God this hits so true. Luckily my sister is a liar and it's actually seven years. I hope I don't screw up.


>don't screw up

yes exactly, try be as low profile as the furniture so when they finally move they'll take you with them

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