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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Citizens of the US, meet your new president, the seventy seven years young Joe Biden! First on the agenda is nationwide mandatory mask laws and amnesty for millions of illegals. Take that bigots!


2020 will have it he dies in December.


Then you'll get camel face Kamala. Even better!


Nightmare made material.


File: 1604735998317-0.jpg (100.75 KB, 691x682, db09c9bbe94940f3bcf2ea042b….jpg)

File: 1604735998317-1.jpg (56.85 KB, 1024x419, 123768976391.jpg)

This country is trash and needs to start over


Legality is important. The Constitution is what binds us all together as much as anything else. Not that that's going to help when it's the only thing you have left…


Where in the Constitution does it say sodomites can marry and women can abort their unborn babies? The Constitution is worthless because activist judges will reinterpret anything it says to suit their needs.

America is such a joke, the election just got blatantly stolen and not enough people give a shit. The country might as well split up at this point, same with Canada


File: 1604777513199-0.png (67.38 KB, 652x565, Winner.png)

File: 1604777513199-1.mp4 (1.36 MB, 640x360, Trump is gone.mp4)

Watch as the cuckservatives do jack shit when joe is officially eleceted even thouth they 'perceive' their orangeman as the rightful winner. These people have reneged on everything their ancestors used to fight and die for so they could educate their descendants to murder their own babies and racemix because "thats the normal now".


>do jack shit

Seeing how many people went along with the mask shit showed me how weak and conformist the population is. I think most people will tolerate a rigged election so long as the MSM tells them everything is fine.


>Where in the Constitution does it say sodomites can marry and women can abort their unborn babies?
Where does it bring up either of these topics?


It doesn't as far as I know. But decisions on those topics got to the Supreme Count and the judges used selective reading to make abortion and gay marriage laws of the land.


If it were up to me, abortion would be by state and gays would only have civil unions. Marriage should not be a governmental thing.


>abortion would be by state

Abortion is a pretty barbaric practice. I wouldn't mind seeing women lose all rights to it, cause lets be real here, they're just killing their babies when they're the most defenceless in order to get out of their responsibilities. If someone doesn't want to have kids they should have a vasectomy or get a norplant injection.

>gays would only have civil unions

Homosexuality is predatory anti-social behaviour and I think it should be criminalized.


fucking surreal


Neither of those things would be such a problem in practice if positive eugenics was promoted by society. Instead of punishing those who do badly, those who do well should be rewarded instead.


>would be such a problem in practice

I told you exactly why they're a problem


File: 1605302225844.png (327.1 KB, 512x282, unnamed.png)

>is predatory anti-social behaviour and I think it should be criminalized
Okay social liz


I don't mean anti-social as in not being sociable. Fags are very sociable. I meant all the offensive things they do, i.e. gay pride parades and bathhouses.


I have no idea how clown parade can be offensive to one.
Clowns being clowns nothing new about that.
Some just want to have reason to be angry.

I didn't get the bathhouse part.



I'd actually really enjoy watching a clown parade. Gay pride parades are different, they're essentially fuck parades where people shove their sexuality in your face and celebrate it as a key part of their identity. They're offensive to the very fibre of my being.

>I didn't get the bathhouse part

and that's probably for the best


I respect the man's honesty. I'm going to start calling him honest Joe.



I don't really agree with that fags analogy. Yes America is slowly dying of a grave illness, but hatred and intolerance IS the immune system. By not allowing the division to flourish you're not allowing the immune system to fight off the illness that's killing the body.

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