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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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I just found this board I use wizchan I take it this is an offshoot of wizchan can I get some lore about this place.


Lizmin created it three years ago in 2017. At first it was hosted on a same server along with several other chans but eventually Lizmin bought his own server for Lizchan. Lizmin then went on to do military service and the vice-admin took over at least until Lizmin returns, but he never did, and in March 2020 nobody could agree on who is going to pay for renewal so it was shut down.

After a couple of months though, one of the the admins of those other chans 'Ihato' found a dusty old backup of Lizchan from 2017 and revived Lizhan and was subsequently contacted by a vice-admin to obtain a full backup. Unfortunately a substantial amount of userbase is gone since that shutdown and there is only like 3 of us left. It now also looks like Ihato is out of money too so Lizhan could become Tor-only soon, at least for a while, although nothing is really known about that yet.

As you can probably tell by looking though it used to be a pretty /comfy/ place.


>>6518 about covered it.


It seems comfy I thought at first it was a reptilian type conspiracy place it is a shame it is dying but I guess that is how the net is now.
I actually found this place by typing "wizchan b" into google and seen a result here so I clicked and lurked a bit before making the post.

If everyone from all the small chans came together we could have a semi active enough place to post on all day if we wanted but all we have is shitchan really… and I do not use shitchan.

I thought this place may have been a wizchan spin off after people where mad with the mods at least it seems a bit like that.

THank you for posting some lore of this place…


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It -is- a wizchan spinoff. I believe how it went is some wanted /liz/ to be created for cold blooded reptiles on Wizchan but it was rejected, and the mods were being abusive, so this chan was created. In any case, /r9k/ is now full normie and Wizchan is going down the hill too so this chan is a third refuge for virgins. However, since there is no place we can shill this chan on that isn't going to be bring in normies, we just lay dormant for now. Perhaps in 2021 we can somehow regain 15-25 users that we had back and it'll become a small comfy chan that we can call home again. You are welcome to stay.


A lot of the users went to sushigirl for some reason.


If I can remember correctly the original lizmin created the board as sort of a joke. It's funny how several years later the site is still around. Lizchan seems like more of a spin-off of wizchan's hidden /b/ board than that site as a whole.


Well it's more like a lot of them already used it in some capacity or were at least aware of it. The browsing patterns aren't that weird if you think about it.


>this chan is a third refuge for virgins.
Just gotta point it out, volcels-yes, Incels-no

Cuz Google algorithm
It was the first chan showing up since some liz wrote about site there long time ago and then it was used to gather up the rest


I remember it as lizards was an in-joke that became this site. I can't even remember the specifics of the joke. It's been so long.


lizards are cold blooded and try to keep away from warmies and warm places, you can call wizchan a place that became warm


makes sense

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