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o/ Let's share music we like in this thread.
Just has to be something you like I wont judge,
after all my taste is eccentric itself.


motherfucking megaman juno



Blame vichan


File: 1508090243538.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 404.jpg)

Both are a lot calmer than mine, I can appreciate this, goes very well with runescape.
yea sucks you have to click the link but i'm doing it anyways.


good tastes my lizard


Oh, look. Embedding works now.


How did you embed the video? I thought it wasn't enabled?


It was fixed, the embed field works now and apparently also works retroactively.




what did he mean by this


File: 1508090243538.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 404.jpg)

Wow i'm a complete retard. I didn't even see the embed option below the file option. I thought it'd be like 4chan just by posting a link, but apparently not. You have to post the link in the 'Embed' space. I could possibly add a option like 4chan by adding a custom embedding, but maybe later.


One thing you should also look at is that side reply window. Scrolling up to the top of the page every time is kinda unpleasant.


I guess it was my one Dev who fixed it. Either way glad it works now. Just need to add custom embedding so all you have to do is post the link.


That's weird. I did enable it last time.


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>youtube embed finally works


So quick reply doesn't seem to be working due to enabling youtube embed. Trying to see why.



he got some chikin burg to smell and rings wid it to test
nice song my dude


working now




Embed is now added to quick reply


I like this a lot. It makes me feel.


my dad used to love them


HAHA I love this guy's serious demeanor towards those delicate donuts.
Feel like i've heard this before - nice chill taste liz
>no japan gf you can't understand but she cuddles you anyway

Nice taste guys i'm just posting occasionally to keep the thread alive.


also b4 ban I would want none of this IRL but in fantasy it seems desirable.
+Fantasy / -Harsh reality
Forgot about the rules.


I wont say anything if you wont


My scales are sealed!
Time to make sure half this thread is all my music, Image board space secured.




I like your guys taste!
feel free to share multiple, I'll listen to all the songs in the thread.



Thanks man I really like the lyrics and grimy feeling. I heard of ministry online but never listened to many of their songs yet, which will change soon now.


could listen to this all day


Oh shit good taste, what diablo game would you rec? I'm going full escapism mode this winter and want to fight my way through halls of virtual enemies
Found some more gems from ministry thanks man


>what diablo game would you rec?

Can't say, I've only played the first. But if escapism is your thing the game has you covered.


This song makes me miss playing project diva
Ah that's fine anon I still thank you for the recommendation, I might look at other series since I prefer single player games atm but I've always liked Diablo's aesthetics for sure


I feel vaguely guilty for liking this.


Don't be anon I like way worse weeb music, Instrumentals are great for day dreaming - normalfags can't visualize their music to help it pander to themselves, good choice!


Thanks based Ministry anon this video is badass, gunna post a few more to shill


I think as much as I get distressed about this world, it means that i actually like it in some degree to let it get to me on such a deep level, probably this video brainwashing me


remember listening to this in the winter on my cold trailer porch bulling my attention hungry cat just passing time like always.


>loli thread in ruins
at least I have my sweet tunes to process these emotions to


just bumping my own necro thread


I like the way this sounds and the video is also quite interesting. I will be posting more music soon.


this goes very well with the dancing gif in satans thread on /b/
good taste anon!



I've been listening to depressing vocaloid metal and jap music because utsu-p is amazing and i'm an emo kid in a mans body.
Never played this game but this song is awesome, great recommendation!


Any punks here?


I find dressing like it to be a bit much but old people would call me one from afar.
I very much enjoy'd the music & video though the lyrics aren't half bad either.


>dressing like it to be a bit much

This. I don't get how guys can go out in the punk attire. Why draw all that attention to yourself over something stupid like your taste in music?


Don't quote me on this, but I think punk is more than just music. It's a lifestyle for some folks. I personally would wear near-RPG clothing if I had the means to do so.


>Don't quote me on this

I'm still confused though.


I don't see why you'd need to dress in such a flashy manner due to a lifestyle choice. I'm thinking it's about of a wanting to be part of a group sort of thing.

It's like listening to rap and then dressing like a negro. Why take things to that next step? Is dressing and acting like a negro really what you want to be like if you're some white guy living in the suburbs?

>wear near-RPG clothing

We already are pretty much living in an rpg and guys like us have extremely low game stats. Dressing like a flamboyant transient would make the game even harder.


I'd just never dress like that because the attention it draws making me uncomfortable.
I'm going the blend in like a NPC route irl though so I don't blame others using their liberty to dress as they please.
Except slutty woman.
Offspring is comfy
>when the only skill you have mastered is stealth from your superior ability for others to disregard you.


File: 1518108835786.jpg (390.26 KB, 1920x1080, dark.jpg)

>Except slutty woman.

Yes this, we need more women in burkas. Seriously.

>is stealth

Stealth is my top stat as well. I wear dark clothing and mostly go outside at night, sticking to the shadows whenever possible.



Idk man. I like it when some women wear yoga pants or tight jeans. Just depends on who's wearing them of course.

(Also posting Hotline Miami music because this game has the best ost.)


Honestly it would have them judged for their actions not appearance but that's too progressive.
>go outside at night
I need to do this more after it gets a bit warmer.
They wouldn't do it if men didn't like it, I just think woman have been weaponize'd - Men are visual creatures, and are drawn in like a venus fly trap. It just makes both sides seem so superficial.
Not that I care much, the HM ost is awesome btw.


Not all depressing shit is emo. It's just that emo kids have made depressing music "their thing".

Anyways, one of my favorite songs of all time is Jeremy by Pearl Jam. It's a true story about a kid that kills himself in front of all of his classmates.


True I'm just used to normalfags knee jerk judging - for some reason I thought I heard that song on gta SA, probably just on the rl radio a lot when I was younger, very nostalgic.



>Just realizing some people posted KMFDM

Where the fuck was I when this happened?


>he post the 1 (one) remix I haven't heard
Good shit mang.
A Shame about their new album though.


Sorry I haven't been keeping up. What happened with their new album?


I liked the instrumentals a a lot but the lyrics are a lot simpler which I assume the female vocalist influenced since most the OG band is gone I think.


I will also mention nu-ministry's song with good instrumentals but hilarious message compared to older releases


Fuck me with a jack hammer here's the right link.



Oh for fucks sake. How can anyone genuinely support those whiny privileged fags? It's kind of a shame because back when antifa started it was a group of people that were fighting against genuinely violent neo-nazi street gangs. Now it's just a bunch of whiny libtards that think they are being edgy when in reality they are all a bunch of whimpy cucks (literal cucks, not the meme word) that can't accept the fact that other people have differing opinions.

I will say though that I have enjoyed watching some videos of their altistic right counter protests. Fags on the left vs. fags on the right. Who wins? No one. They all get their shit kicked in until cops come and beat them all with nightsticks.


Yea I mean It could of been a cool song If it was just about explaining anarchy and how it was our natural state before choosing a more structured approach.
But no he's just promoting shit tier protesting where the states people fight each other and not the powers that be.


this makes me think of the afterlife


File: 1518777949720-0.jpg (93.93 KB, 736x983, 1500026122782.jpg)

File: 1518777949720-1.jpg (761.91 KB, 1108x1440, 1500025784336.jpg)

Very comfy makes me want to run around in an mmo and explore the world


Cannibal Holocaust was a memorable movie, but I liked the sound track the most.


Good shit
The name is a coincidence, I promise.


Wow nice find!
I need to keep searching for music, it always helps pass time and sooth the mind.




great band



Good thread.




Perfect country and western song


Embedding error.




One of the very few times female vocals in punk actually work.




I have seen this guy quite a bit across multiple image boards. There is no doubt in my mind that the group he is with is shilling him out on websites like this.



Falling back into the electronic music pit



Embedding error.



It feels good to know that pop punk is still alive.


when I hear pop punk I think of sell outs like Green Day




This is the opening track of my favorite album of all time, Fanisk's 2013 masterpiece "Insularum" It's the most mature and well defined thing they have ever put out; conceptually, lyrically and from a songwriting perspective. Stunning.


I hate that a lot of cloud rap has gone mainstream. I mean sure it was destined to happen because it was vapid and pointless ear candy, but it was MY vapid and pointless ear candy. Anyways, this is one cloud rapper that hasn't gone mainstream (yet).


regressing into my teen angst think i'll stay awhile


Been listening to this album a lot since it came out. I'm a sucker for good use of field recordings in my dark ambient.




I never really listened to music, but i always like the bgms in the bideos i played. One genre that hooked me when i first heard it was folk songs (i think thats the genre)/songs that have a story to em. I dont really have any examples since i just browse youtube recommendations, but the most recent few ive heard were the day music died, the edmund Fitzgerald, and leory brown. I honestly dont know how people become in-depth with music, knowing a bunch of authors and genres, i just sat on my humble rock for most of my life


It was heavy metal that got me interested in other genres of music. The way it had offshoots that were so apart from each other (Trad, speed, doom, black, death, thrash, prog, power, industrial, grind) got me into so many bands, later I checked out their roots and discovered some classic punk/hardcore and psych bands. Aside from rock derived genres I mostly listen to ambient.


Meant for




Embedding error.
What would you call that feeling of sadness in a song thats meant to be happy? I was reintroduced to this confy little bgm and it made me feel sad. It cant just be nostalgia


idk if it's MEANT to be happy. it has the same melancholy wistful sound as a lot of old game village tunes. i think nostalgia plays a big part in it though



Let's try that again but with a working embed this time.


Why there are two music threads? I did noticed just now,wow


This music thread is for serious, adult music tastes while the burrow thread is for random catchy songs. At least that's how I've been posting.


why do we have two nipples?
some questions we'll never know.
I've just been bumping each so I don't just spam one.


I have been listening to some relatively unknown second wave black metal stuff recently. Strid's very little material are very good, shame they never released a full-length album.







this song gives me nostalgia about playing mortal kombat in the 90s



This reminds of me the days I was trying to become a 1337 h4x0r while playing this in the background.

Good days.





File: 1557761170213.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7….jpg)

>pop rock


Why do I feel like a stranger to myself


Ambient is the patrician genre.
>enjoyable as simple background noise for everyday tasks
>surprising depth on deep listens


"easy2listen" genre is patrician, sure



>Lizards and robots fuck shit up



I found the tune of the Lizard Uprising.


A Fatliz classic.















Anon posted a shitty gen z meme, how many views did you expect it to have?


Let's put music that would fit in a guitar hero game and say in which of the 8 tiers would it fit.
This one would be in tier 7


Guitar hero had a lot of variety right?
I'd say this would be around a 4.


Holy fuck lizzie, you have read my mind. I was also thinking about that track, and how it could fit in Guitar Hero.
>Guitar hero had a lot of variety right?
It depends, Guitar Hero 3 consists of a lot of well known tracks and aims for the mainstream audience without compromiing a lot. GHWT and V have more duds in the middle, but my biggest gripe with them is that venues aren't as important as it were in the first three, since the amount of tracks gets overwhelming.
It's sad that there isn't much surf rock in it besides Misirlou. I'd say yours could easily go for 5 while embed related would go to 4.


Anyone have any doom/sludge metal recommendations?
I just started listening to more of their stuff, must have been luck.
Yea I'm remembering certain games were themed and some a mixed bag.
I was young and could never play anything above hard, I'm an absolute tard at rhythm games, always cap out at hard or normal.



>sludge metal recommendations



good taste


Yea I had to download his whole discography, shame I couldn't find all of it in flac though.
Great taste.


Why do americans always think of food?


sugary weaponized food distributed to uneducated health wise population
isolation/stress triggering hunger response
fried dopamine receptors
least nutrient rich soil
reliance on vices to push through every shitty day
being baste
wanting an excuse to get a scooter etc


It's ridiculous, after water fasting for one week, I basically see anyone that is obsessed with food as cattle. It's not that necessary unless you're aiming for a /fit/ body.


>he doesn't know everyone is an npc
I could understand if you're just talking about hamplanets or fatpriders but i've met plenty of good hearted fatties who are more human than their counterparts.


Me too, but I end up distancing from them due to how they mindlessly eat carbs, sugar and flour. It just twists some nickles in the purse that is the brain, ya dig?


Not really, I mean I know carbs are bad, but I don't distance my self from smokers just because they smoke.
It's more of a distance myself from everyone ordeal for me. I don't know why I tried to influence your opinion though, maybe because I used to be fat.


>Not really, I mean I know carbs are bad, but I don't distance my self from smokers just because they smoke.
It's mostly assosiation with how they behave, and I know this because I tried to help a fat guy that was like a time travel version of me from three years ago.
>fat as shit
>lack of self awareness
>power metal and jude priest fan
>clingy as shit with Is there a lizzie term for females ?
And I wanted to try out going out with him and helping him, but each time it felt like I was dying inside. I wanted to make him a siege tard but at least I managed to make him a lolberg if that's a benefit. Ended up cutting cords with him because I thought that people themselves should learn from their own mistakes.


>Is there a lizzie term for females ?
Elizabeths, and they only invite trouble. We'll pretend you were only joking this time as a warning, but do remember that this site reserves the right to instaban Elizabeths on sight since they ruin the vibe. I hope you understand and keep these jokes to yourself next time

same with homo shit, it's all w*zchan and /r9k/ tier and it is taken very seriously


freedom to burgers with extra fries :DDDDD


>trying to help a guy get out from his own gutter is being gay or wanting to be in a relationshit
liz that's not how it used to be some decades ago


>And I wanted to try out going out with him and helping him
look i don't want you to get in trouble, but you are pushing your luck if you're the same poster. I would think about deleting your posts before someone else does


Don't be naive you can't change ppl no matter how hard you try.
Especially when that person wants to bang.
I understand your will to be good person but in my opinion your doings are/were just waste of time.


File: 1567703776546-0.png (8.03 KB, 132x104, disgust.png)

File: 1567703776546-1.webm (1.57 MB, 640x360, im a furry.webm)

>going out with someone means you're having filthy gay anal sex and sharing each others food under their teeths
Just stop thinking on sex niggers. Camaraderie used to be a thing a while ago.


woah I just wrote that your friend wanted to bang, don't tag me crazy pants


>tfw saw a spic urinating publicly on a tree while going home
>tfw I don't have manners to lash out against them without gettink kicked by the law
sad feel


>browsing the internet with some music playing
>mother interrupts me
>feels ruined
mad feel



A classic


Lolicore is life




baste taste



>Coming up are the latest Bionicles, the Mistika
Goddamn, I remember being super excited for the Mistika.


>Not posting the superior Piraka rap
Also according to https://bionicle.fandom.com/wiki/Piraka
>"Piraka" was the Matoran word for thief and murderer and was considered vulgar to the Matoran
Is Piraka the Matoran equivalent of nigger?


Yeah, the Piraka rap was basically just a guy shouting "Yo, yo! Niggers!" over and over. I unironically like the Piraka rap. I thought it was some of the coolest shit back in 2008. At least compared to everything else around that time. I think that the over-the-top edginess was the best thing about the Bionicle advertising back then. The 2015 advertising was all shit, and there was barely any of it. Should have brought back Cryoshell at the very least.


2006 I mean. Shit.


The Piraka rap has grown on me, to be honest. Sometimes it comes into my head and I can't get rid of it.


This song may be bad but the chorus is incredible


I never seen the rap as a kid but the posters definitely caught my eye. I have always been into System more than the constraction but the Piraka were the only Bionicle that really made me consider getting.

I can't find the posters online but they were something along the lines of '100% x, 0% y' and had the nickname of each piraka.


File: CM5OrkWjl7ZDecqaBRPAHJbfnm1F6y.png (1.05 MB, 1280x960, 1280x96012.png)

You mean this stuff? I had this one set as my laptop wallpaper for a while back in the day. The general consensus seems to be that the gangster theme was bad but I have to say 2006 was one of the best years for Bionicle. Especially the titan sets like Vezon, Brutaka, and Axonn.


Yeah, those posters were cool. I didn't realise that the Piraka were so disliked by fans, but as a non-Bionicle fan they had the best designs. I got one of the Bionicle comics and they were fucking brutal.


The Piraka themselves weren't disliked, the advertising was. I think that people generally liked the sets. Who can comprehend fan communities anyways? I try to stay away from things like that since the retardation of a things fans always taints my enjoyment of the thing itself. I still have the comics from aound that time. I started getting the Lego magazine right around the start of the Ignition series actually. I was lucky since by the time Bionicle ended in 2010, the library had gotten all the comic collections from 2001 to 2010 so I got to read every issue I missed up to that point physically. I read a lot of comics digitally out of convenience but it's nice to read things physically when you can. Can't stand reading actual text books digitally though.


I keep finding a lot of great jap metal tracks that all throw me off with the vocals. Like this one can be cool at points then get a bit grating, and most never release instrumentals. I still listen to them though.


Chill vibing today.


File: r3gbskvLa0HOEQ9qKUIPN7zjWZ2T4w.gif (2.18 MB, 328x272, me.gif)



Fate has led me to this discovery.




Embedding error.
How the fuck can jazz punk vocalist/guitarist can switch to making poplike music.
Mariko Gotou was lighter still had its uniqueness even tho the later albums had songs with a TOO LIGHT sound
(that one is my fav https://youtu.be/9NQJ-sw4mnE )
but then she decided to make music like this https://youtu.be/zxL95vTNSk4
it's shit compared to previous works.

I'm just wondering if she's really into it or just a sell out.
Seen too many alt bands turning into musicians turning to mainstream it's really sad.


On last Midori concert she hit her head with mic so hard that it started to bleed.
From this to glittershit album coming out december.
I dont mind changing genre the problem is that trailer and posted tracks are bad.
Can't stand wasted potential.



Not public goodie


Embedding error.



Can any lizzie tell me what is the name of this song?



DJ LargeLizlard - Sumo Salamander
it's a classic.





tripod is the best aic album imo. heroin must really make someone a better musician


been appreciating bands like NIN and AIC a lot more recently, been sifting through older bands works recently, thank god for russian torrent sites and their FLAC collections.



nice song


GG Allin - Snakeman's Dance


I like most of these songs even though I don't understand them. They kind of sound depressing. I like the album art too. I think I remember this from wizchan. I remember getting a lot of my favorites from wizchan. I just happened to recently find it again after such a long period.

Shinsei Kamattechan (神聖かまってちゃん) - Tanoshiine (楽しいね) FULL ALBUM



sounds good but I hate vocals they're sometimes so annoying lmao.
I like listening to things that I don't understand under one condition, vocal has to be pleasant.
You might like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2HSjTwb9tw / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Zl48aazuis (last live version is insane) , cool band imo.
I mostly listen to japansese shoegaze but if you would like I can list everything here.

Found this today(shoegaze pop+IDM), the begining is meh but when breakcore drums kick in, it's soooo good.
I don't remember when was the last time I had goosebumps.
Here's whole album, no way to find it on normal jewtube
The only decent idol band I listened to.

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