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I think the old thread reached its bump limit. So what's everyone been watching recently?

I watched this film the other night. It's kind of a not too bad Alien rehash. The creature effects were well done.


by far the best movie I have seen recently was Black Swan. It drew me right in and only lost momentum briefly around the middle. Really good stuff.
I also watched two Tarkovsky movies. Andrej Rublev I found largely uninteresting except for the last chapter with the bell which I enjoyed greatly. Reminded me of Fitzcarraldo. The other one was Stalker which I didn't like. I was told that, because I like movies with little dialogue, that this one will be for me but I found it to be just a loose succession of speeches in an almost entirely uninteresting environment. I picked up on a few symbolistic shots but I don't really care for those.
I think if I hadn't watched movies on a daily basis these last few months I would have liked them more.


Black Swan huh, it kind of put me off because it's a ballet movie with a bunch of well known female actors but maybe I'll give it a chance since you recommended it.

>watched movies on a daily basis

I'll usually watch 2-4 a week. Probably more lately because I've been watching a lot of horror films this month. You're probably right, you're overdoing it. Try to mix up your media consumption with some tv shows and videos games.



There's a masturbation (female) scene you might wanna consider before watching.

I have also watched it though and I remember the ending. Despite that, I think you'd enjoy watching a ballerina destroy herself for a role.


>I think you'd enjoy watching a ballerina destroy herself for a role

You're not really selling me on the film here. I'll just have to trust you that the movies good.


yes i also thought it's going to be a chick flick but it is very atmospheric and rather intense, it's like perfect blue in a way



When I mean destroy, I mean she destroys her mind and body to perfect her role. It's quite inspiring for those who wish to drown themselves in their own hobbies. I'm sure we can all feel like that in one way or another.


File: 1604546793800.jpg (54.81 KB, 550x415, 30_Days_Of_Night.jpg)

I watched both this and the sequel Dark Days recently. I really enjoyed both films, I don't get why the series isn't more popular. The films definitely have a Blade like feel to them, if you liked the Blade films you'd enjoy 30 Days.


File: 1604597949961.png (451.23 KB, 700x592, Untitled.png)

Yesterday I watched sunset blvd. and I did not enjoy it. I have to say that it was rather dull and I simply can't understand why it spoils itself.
Today on the other hand I had the pleasure of watching Papillon. It had a very pleasing emotional depth borne out of the comradery of the two main characters and generally had engaging and immersive plot sequences. My personal highlight being the solitary confinement. I dare say it could have been an hour longer towards the end.

>You're probably right, you're overdoing it
I just now saw this part of your post. I have been watching a movie every day since the start of june. I do watch TV shows while I eat but I don't really have time for video games because I have more important things taking up time slots in my routine. In any case I can still find movies that stand out to me even at this level of consumption and I don't really have any intention of slowing down. Frankly my general love for film is only growing deeper and I certainly can tolerate being underwhelmed by the odd classic from time to time. It seems to be a trade-off for developing the ability to appreciate more esoteric art while simultaneously broadening and refining ones palate.



new or old one?

>don't really have any intention of slowing down

Hopefully you're like me and can appreciate a bad film every now and again. Because one of these days you're going to run low on the good stuff.


Watched Days of being Wild recently.
Its very baste.
Its mainly about the mc who is emotionally and psychologically stunted.
Its really funny to see him btfo all the women around him who want them to marry him because of his alpha personality and he tells them to basically fuck off.
Would highly reccomend for a laugh with some nice filmography and good music.
Also the filmaker has alot of other good films that you should watch if you are interested.


old one, hence the picture
I have stumbled upon some generally badly viewed films that I enjoyed so I think I'll be good. It's not like I regret watching movies I didn't enjoy either.


lots of unworthy pictures recently but today a good one at last: Santa Sangre
bit of a slow start but it just keep getting better. Not quite as good as the Holy Mountain but I liked it more than El Topo. I am becoming a big fan of this very talented man. Feels like Lynch done right.


>old one

Good, the remake is garage. They had that bug-eyed Egyptian actor play Louis in it. His bulging eyes bothered me the entire film.


I have a few plans on movies for this Christmas. Klaus was a recommended film to view. I also have a few spare horror films and such from last Halloween that could be watched as general films. They're not Halloween based, so it works anywhere. I'll also be watching the 1970s Christmas movies because I had not watched them in a decade or so. I'm looking for Christmas movies right now to start at December or after Thanksgiving.




Christmas movies, not my favourite film genre. They mostly revolve around large family get-togethers, which is something I don't enjoy. Christmas Vacation is the only one I might consider rewatching.


File: 1606268352435.jpg (667.79 KB, 1920x2560, big_wave.jpg)

Watched this again the other night, I forgot how much I enjoyed this movie. If you can get through the sentimental stuff you'll get to see plenty of really big waves. I don't get why seeing big waves is so enthralling for me but it is.


I remember that movie.


Good, wasn't it? There's a part of me that wishes I was out there, with a crew of my comrades on a boat, fishing the shores of the Grand Banks.


Due to conflicting schedules, Thanksgiving was moved to Saturday for my family. I plan on watching a Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving movie special during or before that time. Then I'll start with the Christmas movies.


The 1960s/70s movies have little to do with family and more to do with lore or stories about Christmas itself. It's stuff like Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer, Santa's origin, and some weird thing with the brothers of ice and fire. There are other Christmas movies that don't revolve families as well like movies taking part during Christmas. I don't mind family movies anyways because it makes me happy seeing other people happy. I think it's a good quality of mine anyways.


>makes me happy seeing other people happy

That's kind of the opposite of what I'm like, I'm more of a gloomy person. I'll watch horror films all October and then avoid anything holiday related for the rest of the year.


If being a lighthouse keeper is even 5% like what this movie portrays then it would be my dream job.


Too bad they're entirely obsolete.



I concluded watching all the Refn movies. I'd say only god forgives and fear x are his most underrated ones but the first Pusher is what I enjoyed the most.


Training Day, was an OK Denzel flick


I agree, it was a mediocre film. Denzel has to overact in every role he's in, I really can't stand the guy.


You really nailed it. What made me sit through it was that it reminded me of movies from 2000s that would air late in the night on TV and I'd doze off while eyeing them back then.


What an incredibly pointless and lame remake. It basically copied the original to a tee, with everything being worse. The straight to TV Omen film was better, I least that film tried to do something original with the New Age stuff. It's obvious the only reason this film was made was to make Hollywood kikes boatloads of money.


Finally got around to watching Logan. A lot better than the usual capeshit, I think I'll at least be able to remember the plot a week from now. I hated the illegal immigrant commentary, the border stuff made little sense and seems to be thrown into the film because orange man bad.

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