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Do you crave things? I crave things. I crave things but their fulfilment does not give me satisfaction. It is rather quite the opposite. More often then not hindsight tells me it wasn't worth it and could have been achieved an easier way or was not even enjoyable to begin with. Be it food, porn, drugs or just sleeping in, you name it. Giving in only alleviates the craving momentarily but in itself yields no pleasure. I have tried total abstinence but it does not help. One enters a manageable state wherein the slight twinge in the spine is resisted one day at a time. I imagine this is how alcoholics feel. It is fine, the desire is minimal. Nevertheless it is constant and if they mount it becomes overwhelming.
What do you do when the ceaseless drive takes hold of you?


Just don't crave for sex like a fucking NPC normie trash.


>Be it food



I covet among other things computer setup parts.


sex does not interest me, only hardcore porn


There is nothing I crave. Well maybe sometimes but rarely.
Like getting some cute furniture or some big plushies to my almost empty room.
Although it always ends on leaving those nice things in the Internet shopping cart since those are unnecessary.
It's nothing more than urge to materialise my hard work, meaning spending earned money so I feel like I'm worth more thanks to material objects.
In reality the "happiness" lasts short and those are just things.

Dang it liz, don't be warm, at least switch to hentai or cartoons. The amount of tags would blow your mind.
Also you can call this art, it's much better than just scripted apes fugging each other


File: 1610730347533.png (241.6 KB, 538x439, chips.png)

>Do you crave things?

Just the basics. Coffee, weed, alcohol, fast food, snacks, porn (cartoon, softcore), video games. I don't spend a lot on my habits, everything that I crave is either free or I can find for very cheap. I get that I'm just chasing after dopamine hits, I'm a very weak person.


Most things aren't worth it lizzy. It's that temporary high that we all want. It's all so ephemeral that is might as well not be there. I'm saddened that abstinence did not work for you since it might not work for me. I have a few things I need to get rid of including sodas, sweets, and junk food. I don't even buy any of those things. I just eat the stuff my parents buy. I wonder if I stopped I could be less of a burden.


>I wonder if I stopped I could be less of a burden.

You'd probably be more cranky if you're not getting your soda and sweets. Just remember to drink mouth wash after you eat sugary stuff, because that'll make your parents hate you, having to dish out thousands of dollars for dental work.


Don't drink the mouthwash liz, spit it out!


File: 1617671097534.jpg (79.64 KB, 540x360, beans_on_toast.jpg)

I crave foods that make me feel like shit. I love eating beans even though they make me gassy for hours. Not a Mexican but if I had it my way I would probably eat beans at least once a day.



The more beans you eat the less you'll fart. Eat beans every day and you can have the best of both worlds. Also farting could be minimized by eating canned beans, pre-cooked, or cooking those beans well after soaking for 8 hours or overnight.


>more beans you eat the less you'll fart

I like to think you're right but my sensitive digestive system will hate me if I tried to experiment like that.

>soaking for 8 hours

too much effort


What effort? It soaks itself after you leave it overnight, doofus. It's not like you have to individually dip every bean in water by hand and do that for 8h straight.


Beans with pastirma along with rice pilaf and ayran is really good.


anything more than unscrewing a can is too much effort in my book. if that makes me a doofus than so be it

I like beans on toast


File: 1617811939891.jpg (172.43 KB, 800x800, 69942A.jpg)

For me it's pic related.

Have you tried: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerusalem_artichoke
these can really wreck your digestive tract


my stomach would probably turn into a gas balloon if I ate those things

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